The Becoming

dark fires of burning desires
born in the night
away from the glares
of the sun's burning light

the infinite Embrace
a kiss of paralyzing fear
the heart dies
and the Beast takes it's place

the soul burns in abject torment
yet the mind forgets
and flows within the rivers current
to a place of past regrets

now comes the Hunger
that blinding rush for blood
the blood in veins, i can clearly hear
with senses so strong, i can taste their fear

a dark flash out into the open
searching for one on which i can feed
a life among shadows does now begin
as i find one that pays me little heed

out of the night i pounce
his screams of fear
echo through the darkness

i guess that no one hears
but i know not how
for in his screams are cradled his fears
the loss of one's broken vow

the rush, the extacy!
the burning blood filling my body
a rise of hateful glee
as his soul slpus from his body, free

i am now completely of the night
dark power infusing my being
evil pain from Satan's Might
an eternal curse this Kiss does bring

all people around me
in danger most dire
for i am Evil,
i, Vampyre