Romantic Decadence

bringing together sadness
forever whispers of infinite madness
dreaming dreams of the deepest darkness
to innocent's death i am as witness

remnants of a greater purity
an icon of a lost society
built on dreams of innocent security
washed away by the flood of reality

i saw the look of the youngest innocents
a singular dream of man's singular essence
building themes of a carnal remembrance
lost to society's romantic decadence

to see lost memories as if to die
i dream intensive dreams to purify
and the weeping tears i cry
are for the many in silent agony still lie

the death bells are ringing
and the dreaming still are dying
lost and damned souls are screaming
as down to hell they continue falling

cursed by the one that should bless
mocking everyone's intimate frailty
drawing the helpless hence
forcing each his soul to deny

and the ones left behind
. . . .are still crying