ok, here's the raw fuckin deal. this site's NOT suitable for children. even though i am young, i do not want peeps to get mad at me for writing something that their children read and so on and so forth.

my writing is straight from the heart. if you don't accept it, then get the hell off my site, 'cause you don't belong here.

and furthermore, some people read about the stuff i write, and they begin to formulate horrible opinions of who i am and what i am. also, they begin to go freak out about my friends, call them weirdos, freaks, and other such things. guys, why? yeah, i've made some bad choices in my life, done some really stupid things, but that doesn't mean a guy can change! i'm not a christian, no, and i cannot claim to be, however, neither can a lot of you. so, don't go getting all 'holier than thou' on me, cause you can fucking can it. i've been on that side of the tracks, and i know how that dog hunts. you may be able to bullshit around those that don't see anything but their own worthless lies, but believe me, i've done it enough times to see straight through it.

so, that's my disclaimer. site contains high amounts of profanity, my own thoughts, my own views, and links to sites with much of the same stuff. yes, i am premoting the sites directly linked to mine, and most of the ones on the webrings. if you have a problem with one of those sites, however, don't fuck with me about it, contact the owner/creator of that site.

oh, and names in my journal have been changed to protect the innocent. yeah, if you know me you'll probably recognize who the fuck i'm talkin about, but the rest of the world need know only their nicknames.


~ ja e~
laeya's lil <fallen> angel

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