Forever is Eternity

All around me darkness dwells,
Evil secrets and Gothic Dreams,
Vile whispers and frightened screams,
Morbid Fantasies and Demonic Spells.

No light remains here,
All sanity from darkness has fled.
Nothing lives here,
Just the realms of the Dead.

I'm justified in my screams.
For those here that don't,
Quickly learn the skill,
From the horrors in their dreams.

I fear all that dwell here,
Not just the denzins of this plane.
For even simple visitors,
Can be great Masters of Pain.

Some say I can leave,
But it is they that come to visit me,
That are quickly forced to stay,
And are the very next to take,
These demon's foul creed.

Their fears become real,
Their nightmares become reality,
In this horror that never seems to fade.

Here sorrow is forever,
And weeping souls will tell,
"Forever is Eternity,
But such is life in Hell"