have i ever

have i ever screamed your name?

i've screamed like deathscreams
intense and unfettered by any lies
pure and unadultrated pain seems
like a myth of something i see in your eyes

have i ever whispered your name?

i've whispered so many worthless nothings
in so many undeserving ears
but in yours i whispered my deepest dreamings
yes, even my most paralyzing fears

have i ever written your name?

i've written poems for so many reasons
little lines of infinite feeling
simple words of simple creations
all with very little meaning

have i ever told you i hated you?

i've hated too many times and too many ways
old girlfriends and boyfriends
so many ill-spent days
dreaming of their wretched ends

have i ever told you i loved you?

yes. every day i told you
so you never could forget
that this love i have is true
something i never could regret

then why did
you leave me?