Forever I'll Love You

Tonight I cannot find the sleep I need,
The though of having you so close,
Makes my heart leap with joy
For, having you so near,
Makes my soul complete

However, my heart is breaking,
As I can't touch your face
The thoughts of your arms around me
Makes me want to scream...

How I long for you to come down those stairs,
Just so I can see you,
Engrave your beautiful face in my mind,
Let you soft voice forever play,
In the background of my thoughts

How many nights I've longed to be here
So close to the one I love
But this is not how I saw it,
To be so close...yet so far away

I know you'll visit me in my dreams,
But I hesitate to surrender to my sleep,
On the chance that you might still come and join me
Spending our last moments together alone...

I wish I could run up those stairs
into your waiting arms
But I fear what might happen,
if your father, us he should see

I want us to be together,
But it seems a hopeless dream
I love you so much,
But there is an empty void between us

Why does love hurt so much?
Is it some sort of lesson?
If so, let me unlearn it,
So I can feel this way again

Now, I've come to this conclusion,
However hopeless it may be
Forever I'll love you,
in some shape or form
Forever I'll miss you,
as we go the ways we shall.

*NAME*, now my heart is forever yours...