Fuck this

Fuck this World
And the people in it!
They all show their hate
Through gark glares and passing glances.

They look down at me
Like I am scum,
Worse than the lowest form.
Just because I am different.

Why must they hate me so?
Just because I am gothic?
What a pathetic reason to hate,
At least hate me for my beliefs!

But no, not even that,
Being Christian is now accepted.
So many claim to Be,
But are liars of the worst degree.

Stop playing a fucking game!
You will all fucking burn,
As you don't repent.
I am not perfect, but at lest I try

Praying, searching, hoping
For absolution, grace.
God's mercy floods down,
Cool like rain upon my face.

His love whipes away
All of my pain
His touch heals my wounds,
Eracing the gime of their hate

I hate being different,
But I hate being the same even more.
Be cause in being alike,
Creates the loss of personal identity

This world is a sea of blank faces
Every one alike.
Even the Christians fade into anonymity,
Even though they should be set apart.

The Church is Ickabod....