everything will?

simple teardrops
fall like darkened
raindrops are like
god crying heartcry
screaming death
as my heart inside
is delicately

i see likke good
things is heart
of stone like
§an's shutting
out all emotional
anguish protecting
my being with
paunful love lost
like forever lying
to myself saying
things will get
better is a dream
a fading glimpse
of beauty like
exquisite raindrops
fall like teardrops
from a heart
that cries
blooddrops of
lifeblood lovelight
as my soul
gives up its
silent expectation
of a worthless

aeo tried to
make jason
better and all
he did was
lose him says
the darkness
within my soul
lies a dying
voice of jason
calling me as
i watch him
slowly die

death is ending
like a lie
sealed in stone
is my heart pieces
i mended when i
didn't want to
fix him inside
help him live
again but
like a vampire

IT sucked
the life from
us killing
things that
made us alive
like we see
again the
thing that
drove us
to hate
in the

i didn't want too
true love is a
fucking lie

i screammmmm m m .....m......m.....m

hurt makes me
cry like a baby
hate tells me
hurt back
self tells me
forgive her
love tells me
everything will
work out fine?

told that lie
to heal my
heartbreak again
silent cracks
forever killing
me is now
a silent
shadow of
that i once




heal me