i am

i am an ancient and a newborn.

i am a teacher, a student, a maestro, and a novice.

i am a mystic, a spiritualist. i've walked a thousand paths and seen a thousand truths.

i am an artist. i see the world around me and i represent that through whatever form i can.

i am a child of Gaiea, a practitioner of druidic rituals and magiks.

i am a Singer, and i'm a Listener. i have heard the Song sung from a million lips in a million different ways.

i am different, but in that difference, i am the same as everyone around me, for i still seek acceptance and love from other humans.

i am a Seeker, i want to see truth in all it's forms.

i am a lover. i am a brother, sister, father, mother, cousin, aunt, uncle, and every other type of relation.

i am a listener to others, even when it means i'll have to live with their pain. i have felt the hurt and loss of a million faces, a million friends, in a million places. i was there when love was born. i was there when love died. i stand as a pillar, even though my own pain wears away at my own heart.

i am not alone.

i am here for you.

i am a part of a whole group of people that think as i, that feels the same pain as i, that knows the same things as i.

i am not alone. i have seen pain, tears, weeping, fears, hurting, loss, but i have helped where i can, even when those tears, weeping, fears, the hurting, the feelings of loss, were my own.

i am myself.

and that is enough for me...

for above all,

i am your friend.