the ballad of a fallen angel

herein lies written
a song of love and hate
an anthem of life and death
the ballad of a fallen angel

born into a family that did not want
handed first to one and then another
finding a home among "good people"
rich in love if not in anything else

he was raised in the "right" way
taught morals, values, good
he excelled in his worldly lessons
ever thirsting for knowledge

the first part passing as a dream
here today, a fading memory tomarrow
his life passing way too quickly
as he learns life's cruel lessons

he is a mere boy still,
the tender age of 12
a belieg inside that was ever there
now lies rotting with doubt

forsaking all he had known
he began his long fall
sliding ever further from the light
he was taught to love and cherish

new avenues, life now slowing
sometimes growing slow as death
but always too fast to control
always a few steps out of reach

a love now that would shape his life
start the pain he would feel in all love
a horrid crashing end to that love
and the unrighteous betrayal of a friend

now the fallen angel is in full flight
hurtling downwards faster and faster
embracing the tender loving darkness
an escape from so much pain

another love, this one unhealthy
a relationship that never ends
chains of obsession locking him down
the obsession of a demon child

that obssesion haunts him later
after he has found a True Love
a love that could redirect his flight
but a love that would be killed.

and that love was killed,
bitterly and forever unforgivably
the hatefull words spoken by a 'loving christian'
someone that cannot understand his pain

oh, the words that killed the soul
ended the life of a precious dream
murded any last chance the fallen had
to recover a life twisted by hate

we see this angel truly fallen now
his broken brittle wings lie bloody
a single tear shines in his eye
a thread of silver hope still showing

but what pressure that thread faced
a darkness-birthed obsession
endless years of emotional entropy
a tortured faith inside an empty shell
the crashing fall of a love that he so cherished

that thread has proven not strong enough
and it did so swiftly break,
with the horrible cutting words
of a damned Christian freak

only the emotionless loyalty
of a truly loving friend
kept the fallen angel living
and breathing again until tomorrow

fallen from love and grace
fallen from happiness and joy
not fallen as in faith
but fallen in everything else

i am the fallen angel

this song is mine
a gothic scream that never ends
a never-ending toll of death's bell
the ballad of a fallen angel