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well, where to start.... i've done a lot of things for this site in the past, had many many many versions of this thing. it started out as the Lair of the GothChylde way back in '97 when i was still at goplay, and then slowly morphed from that into ..:: gothic|screams ::.. and from that into.... wow. it was g|s for a longass time, and i had a whole shitload of versions of that same theme.

then, i changed from that to beautiful | insanity then beloved : insanity. those were short-lived however, and i really didn't like them. well... ~{ b:i }~ existed for a bit 'cause i refused to work on my site, let it sort of decay into nothing.

well, i got my ideas back and opened the whatever fish, totally redesigning the site and adding a bunch of new features.

i didn't stay with that for long, only two versions in less than a month's time. went directly from that to ..: requiem :.. and i've stayed with it for a month now. i like it. pretty. gotten the most awards and good things from it.

so, expect it to stay at least a little while.

on to other things: [5.29.00]

  • i've updated my journal (doing that almost all the time now)
  • redesigned the entire site, added a bunch of new stuff including my digital artwork section
  • always adding poems/stories. i want to add some more photos, but i haven't taken any
  • AEO GOT HOSTED!!! sinnocence roxxx
  • suggestions/comments should be sent here

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