when i invisioned this clique, i saw a clique of stunningly beautiful sites, all of which are aestheticly pleasing to not only myself but to a small group of people. i want this clique to symbolize beauty and grace, not only in web site design, but in all forms of art represented on the 'net.

first: you must have at least a basic knowledge of HTML. You don't have to have the 'nets most beautiful website to get on here, but *hint* it helps. i'm looking for art, not crap

second: no porn. i'll accept tasteful nudity, as long as it is within reason

third: you must put the link somewhere i can find it easily. i *detest* trying to find my link. also, if you use the image, upload it to your site. i will hunt you donw and KILL you if you steal my bandwidth. Oh, and don't bother putting the code on your site until AFTER i've said yes.

fourth: i love it when people sign my guestbook *hint*

you'll recieve a reply within a week or so letting you know if you got accepted or not. i really hate it when people just say "well, if it has been a week, and you haven't heard anything, you aren't in" that just really angers me, so i'll let you know if you passed or failed

good luck