I am surrounded by my fears,
People I hate never cease their torment.
Their taunts and calls ring upon my ears,
They have freedom to taunt, and that I resent

I have made my choice, and I can see,
Even if they are popular now,
When all is said and done,
Far ahead will I be.

But is it worth it?
All this pain and torment?
The pain that fills my soul,
For me, it doth seem,
The bell of death doth toll.

Every night I lay abed awake,
The hopelessness of my life
Fills me with fear come morn's first light.
I fear the coming of the dawn
More than a evil Vampire,
Or even a playful fawn.

To the Insanity of my dreams,
Dreamt in uneasy sleep,
Will my mind succumb?
I fear it may be so,
For more and more I am awakened by my screams.

My nightmares,
Once merely dreams,
Fade and blend,
With this horror that my life's become.

Will it never end?

My thoughts are different now,
But no less chilling than before,
And my feer and paranoia grow,
Along with my night visions' terror.

Why do I let myself suffer?
I could choose to change.
But my life heads towards something greater,
And an end in Depression's cruel fangs.
Thes, even I can see,
But what, dear God, will it be?