i was born, like you, into this world of hate and sorrow. i grew up hearing the teachings and gospels of Christianity, taking it as truth, without ever knowing what it truly was.i learned to despise myself for every sin, and despise those that dwelt in sin. i was the perfectly brainwashed "Christian" child. i believed in a religion i could not understand.

however, my mind would not accept the boundaries placed upon it by "Christianity", and i rebelled, hurling myself into the depths of "sin". i reveled in my newfound liberty, relishing a lifestyle that i thought i controlled. little did i know, but with each disregard of all that is holy, i turned the key in a lock on the growing collection of chains upon my soul.

i was still attempting to live in Christianity while this was happening, until i realized it was a sham. i rejected my Christianity and delved into the hidden secrets of the Pagan order of Wicca. my studies took me far into my new religion, and I quickly rose through the ranks to attain the status of Second Innitiate Priest, and the leader of my own coven. i had four students, one of which went on to start her own coven. i began to study deeper and more complex spells, and i successfully completed hundreds, if not thousands of spells and incantations.

then, something went weird inside, i fell back towards Christianity. i met up with Dr. FeelGood and once more i found myself claiming to be something i wasn't.


more coming, but i can't tell you it'll be soon

if you want to talk to me, ask me anything, or just tell me about yourself, simply email me....