Hero. Champion. What do these mean? Yes, we all know what those words should mean. We all know that a hero is a person of great courage and strength, and a Champion is someone of unparalled honor.

But, those are what we are told those things mean, do we really KNOW?

A champion isn't a title or power. It isn't even the honor. I was told when I was very little that every man is given a chance to be a hero to someone. Maybe it is only to the loving eyes of their children, or the grateful gaze of a beggar saved from death.

No, a champion isn't made a champion because of their actions, or who they are. A champion is inside.

Every day, a million heros are either made or destroyed, every action one makes determines if you deserve to be the hero others see in you

Hero. Champion. Only words. Titles. All that counts, is what's inside...