A Thirst for Vitae

A new day is born. Or should I call it night? It really matters little, for the night is the only day that a vampire ever really knows. But, whatever one might call it, a new one is beginning, and I must travel forth from my haven to Hunt. The Beast embedded deep within my soul, prompts me to release him, ever striving to break free and devour those around me. I cannot let this happen, and thus I feed. Not only to nourish myself, but to keep this vile Thing inside me at bay.

How does one describe the Hunger? Certainty not in Mortal terms! The strongest human craving is as nothing compared to the absolutely mind-entrapping Lust for Vitae, that is, the Blood of Life.

I guess I could try and describe it as all the desires, longings and addictions condensed into one giant all-consuming Lust, but then I wouldn't properly reveal how it truly feels. However, as I sit and think on it, these "ideas" all compressed really do reveal the true beauty/horror of the Lust. The Hunger surpasses all of these obsessions, for sure, but it replaces them with an Addiction that is far beyond a mere mortal's conception.

And thus, every night that I awaken, I am forced into the night to hunt for another's blood. Among these mortals that walk around me, who will be next? Who will be the first this night who will suffer the ecstatic throes of the Taking? Perhaps that young boy who stands there crying for his mother, a mother who will never come... Perhaps it could be any number of people that I, the Killer that stalks by Night, should happen upon.

There...in that lighted room. My vampirically heightened senses reveal to me that which I seek, the blood of a virgin female... Silently, I curse that clan weakness that forces me to prey upon those most tender, most innocent. Using my powers of Celerity, I move instantly through the shadows, coming to a halt underneath the window. There, I crouch and wait for the lights above me to fade out, and the inhabitants of the room fall asleep.

I don't have long to wait, but as I sit there, the Beast that calls my soul home broils forth in a rage I haven't felt since my Becoming. I almost cry out as the absolute terror that is the Beast attempts to overwhelm my senses and send me into a Frenzy of death and destruction.

Somehow, I am able to control Him, and I wrest the control of my body from Him....ahhh, now the lights are out, time for me to move in. Using a softly whispered word, I activate the skill of Thaumaturgy, and I float off the ground. Slipping silently and unseen through the shadows is not that difficult for one who was Born to live in the night. Within a few seconds I am floating just outside her window, and I peer into the room.

Nothing really catches my attention, the room is a "normal" one. With another simple spell, I am able to concentrate on up to seven at one time, I cause the latch on the window to release itself, and I slip into the room, no more than a breeze through the curtains.

Since I don't breathe, I do not have to calm my heart with slow even breaths, and thus taking the chance of awakening the sleeping victim. I creep silently to her bed, stepping over numerous dolls and toys drooped errantly all over the place. As I slowly pull back the covers, I was startled momentarily by not finding that which I expected. I was thinking that I was about to devour a simple child, no more than seven or nine. What lay in that bed was no child, but a beautiful angel of a girl. Instantly the guess of 16 or 17 years pops into my mind, and I am astonished that one so old is still a virgin, especially in these times.

With a shrug, I gently place my hands on her stomach, preparing to cast another spell, this one to magically transfer her blood from her veins into mine. As my cold hands brush against her naked skin, she stirs and awakens. Instantly, I am on my feet, and before she can cry out, I am at her throat, my long fangs sliding easily into her neck.

The warm blood spills into my mouth, and I earnestly suck the life-giving potion from her veins. But, I am careful, and I drink only enough to help me, but not to kill her. I whisper a word, and she is instantly Dominated. Softly, I implant the suggestions that will make her apart of my Herd, my cows (you might say). With an entranced nod, she agrees to my suggestions, then slips silently back into a deep sleep.

I lean forward now, arranging her hair about her, then pulling the covers up over her naked body, once again hiding her now-violated body from view. As I step to the window, I pause, what am I forgetting? Ahh...that's it. Taking a few quick steps to the bedside, I lean in and delicately lick the twin holes of my Insertion. Swiftly, they heal, and no scar is to remain. I smile at my handiwork, and slip silently out through the window. Her parents might wonder why her window is open on so cold a night, but they wont be as curious as the girl will be, when she finds my face forever implanted in her thoughts....