..::visage of horror::..
Photo by Mann and Man
This part of my site, I dedicate to the wonderous and incredible work of Poppy Z Brite. Her delicate words reveal a killing edge, a knife in the back, poison amidst the pedals of the most delicate of roses.

Her writing is both cryptic and darkest gothic, but also, mixed perfectly among the death and decay, are words of the purest love, deep and indeniable.

I don't suggest her works to those who are light of heart and easily sickened. Her writing is twisted and evil, full of gross murders and tortured lives.

By far, my favorite of her books has been "The Lazarus Heart", a twisted love story within the Crow Series. It takes place in the muggy heat of New Orleans, and the terrible decadence of the French Quarter. Here, we appear in the grand Lafeyette Number 1, and the exquisite masoleum of Jared Poe and Benjamin DuBois. Both dead, both killed for the same reason, but one about to be dragged from his deepest slumber to revenge the other's death.