silence all around me
i feel the callings
to set my magik free
but would that be another failing?

things that felt so right
once more are uncunfortable and dull
and pure truth so far from sight
with ancient things shine like moon full.

the Old Religion is so near
and now i can grasp more
the mysteries of magik i do not fear
i hold a keay, but do i open the door?

sometimes late at night
i hear the Goddess whisper
and i resist now with little might
as i begin my own call back to Her

Maiden, Mother, Crone
three make One
never more would i feel alone
and again i'd be Her son.

rituals float back from darkness
where i buridedd them so deep
so i wouldn't feel unrighteous
among those i would never admit defeat

all these things
i find so true
so easy to believe
so right for me to do

but one thing still remains
a simple truth i cannot deny
a thing if i said i hated
i would be telling a lie

Devine Love
so tangible at the cross
Jesus' pain
a sacrifice worse than my own loss

but fait in even that
slowly continues to fade
as christians foster lies and hate
killing those that fall in their trap

oh Goddess i hear You!
i want to respond
but what if i am wrong
and when i die, all torture comes due. . .