..::name| jaeson russell

..::aka| aeo, aeolis, aeo~lis, the <fallen> angel

..::birthday| september 13, 1979

..::sexuality| mostly homosexual

..::status| i am torn

..::believe| wyccan

..::color| black, purple, deep blue, silver

..::drink| milk, orange juice, sweet tea, dr. pepper.

..::food| anything oriental, pizza, most mexican. always enjoying trying new food

..::taste| the lips of one i love

..::mytaste| sour pain and sickly absinthe mixed with spicy chartreuse

..::smell| clean air of the alpine. fresh breaze over open fields, high in the mountains

..::mysmell| smoke and sexsweat, with hints of jasmine and kohl

..::sound| the beautiful singing of a single ariatic voice mixed with the power of a perfect symphony.

..::quote| you laugh at me because i am different.... i laugh at you because you're all the same.

..::bestfeeling| the feeling that one loves you more than life itself

..::worstfeeling| utter lonelyness

..::moment| being alone with the person you love, just sitting there, gazing into their eyes, knowing that you love each other with unbridled passion.

..::fear| dying alone

..::place| homer, alaska.

..::dream| this one's for me alone.....

..::web pages|

..::authors| Poppy Z Brite, Melissa Scott, JRR Tolkien, Panther Mistress...

..::books| anything by Poppy Z Brite, Dreaming Metal (Melissa Scottt), Vampire: The Masquerade (WhiteWolf), The Paradise War (Stephen Lawhead), and all of JRR Tolkien.

..::animals| wolves, spiders, bats, snakes, panthers, cats, tigers, jaguars, sharks, dolphins

..::attributes| cynical, honest, loving, tender, thoughtful, romantic, gothic, schizoid, confident, forcefull, submissive...

..::faults| anger, wrath, malice, cynical, vengeful, psychotic, lustful, morbid, macabre, just plain WEIRD...

..::peeves proselytes, close-mindedness, hatred, violence, lame muscicians that think that they are all that, but really aren't, lame people that think that they are all that, but really aren't.

..::music| anything really that catches my ear. techno, industrial, hardcore, metal, goth, classical, ambient, opera, rapcore, grindcore, housemusic, mixes, electronica.

..::bands| Circle of Dust, PRODIGY, Mortification, Rob D, Rob Zombie, ORGY, E X T O L, embodyment, Living Sacrifice, Stavesacre, sunny day real estate, Lament, deftones, PoD, Project 86, The London Symphony Orchestra, Brahms, Beethoven, Handel, Orff, Wagner, Mozart, Vivaldi

..::song| Carmina Burana, Carl Orff.

..::images| (coming soon)